Hello World from 5 Pound Patch

Weight Loss Patches are the newest craze that’s taking over the weight loss world, and we've brought the latest and greatest product direct from Asia!  I know you must all have lots of questions, so here we go!

95% of ingredients in traditional weight loss tablets may not even reach your blood stream after being broken down by stomach acids, which means 95% of your money could be wasted (that’s why you should always look for high quality diet pills with the right amount of active ingredients).

With the 5 Pound Patch you don’t have to worry as the trans-dermal technology allows the active weight loss ingredients to go straight through your skin into your bloodstream.

Easy to Use

With over the counter diet pills you may have to remember to take the right number of slimming tablets at the right time.

With the 5 Pound Patch simply place one of the discreet sticky backed patches onto your skin and forget about it for 24 hours while it works to help you lose weight easily.

Kind to your skin

The patches are completely waterproof so will not come off in the shower or when swimming like some inferior branded slimming patches, and are made from a breathable material so are kind to your skin.

If you are looking to buy a weight loss patch get one made from a  breathable fabric like 5 Pound Patch and not one made from rubbery materials which will seal of pores and prevent the active weight loss ingredients getting into your body.

Until next time!