As a fitness enthusiast for 12 years now, I'm constantly amazed by the results that can be attained through sheer consistency.  With all of the fad diets and "breakthrough exercises", there really is no better thing you can do for your body than be consistent with your diet and workouts.  Even adhering to a simple workout plan of just 4 exercises (push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges) does wonders as long as you maintain it.

And really that's the name of the game.  As much as we'd all love to just lose 5 pounds (which is a great reason 5 pound patch is so awesome) the real important thing is to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.  And that's accomplished through willpower.  

So next time you feel like taking a day off, remember that resting a few minutes longer, taking one day off is fine, and cheating on one meal is fine.  But don't cheat yourself out of consistency.  Being consistent with yourself is the best way to stay healthy over your lifetime.