Chicken and Lettuce Diet

Ah, the ever elusive diet.  Many of you out there are struggling, have struggled, or will struggle with a diet.  Any why wouldn't you?  From keto to paleo to the cayenne pepper diet, there are so many trend-based diets you wouldn't know which to try.

So let me make it simple for you.  You can eat two things and I will guarantee the weight will ooze off your body faster than you can say...ooze.  Because bodies are built in the kitchen, not in the weight room.

So what can you eat?  The best diets are the simplest.  The ones you don't have to look at a list of articles on a phone while deciding your order.  So here it is-- chicken and lettuce.

But don't freak out just yet, of course it would be unreasonable to just eat chicken and lettuce!  So let's just use that as a general guideline.  Chicken (protein) and Lettuce (empty calories).  This is a diet you'll never forget because you're only eating two different kinds of things.  The proteins to keep you satiated and the vegetables to vary your meals.  You can use any kinds of sauce, spice, or sweeteners as long as you keep to these core foods.

But don't take my word for it, try it for 2 weeks and I'll let you thank me yourself.